Recent Projects

MorrowSound has had a slew of innovative projects in the past year, demonstrating the immersive power of our systems and soundscapes. From museum exhibitions to planetariums; from historic sites to hospital public areas; from themed entertainment to corporate offices—MorrowSound returns the world of natural listening to the Visitor’s ear.

Narwhal: Revealing an Arctic Legend  

Planetarium Wolfsburg  

Impact Hub Santa Barbara  

Laura Poitras: Astro Noise - “Bed Down Location”  

On the Horizon


In partnership with the Oregon Historical Society and Innovative Housing Inc, we created a series of exterior soundscapes for 4 historic landmark buildings in Portland’s Chinatown District. The Erickson Saloon, The Lyndon Musolf, the Rich Hotel and the Merchant Hotel have been outfitted with sonic environments that emulate the street and interior scenes of those locations circa 1800s.

Listeners can walk from location to location and experience the sounds and stories of historic Portland Chinatown as it was in its most industrious years.


June 21, 2018 marks the day of the next Summer Solstice and we are celebrating this with a new edition of our branded show for you.

On June 21, we piloted a multi-stream, twenty-four-hour event, covering all of Earth’s 24 time zones, and this year’s Solstice 24/2017 is building on the momentum.

Solstice 24/2017 put together 24 uninterrupted hours of broadcasting in which poets, artists and scientist look at how the sun governs many aspects of our lives and brought forth all sorts of creations and innovations. Artists perform their Solstice art in whatever medium they choose, scientists talk about inventions and cutting edge design, astronomy, mythology—all combined into 24 one hour segments—one for each timezone.

Between the hours of 17:00 and 18:00, or Happy Hour, each time zone will be featured “live” in the show, starting at the dateline and moving west one hour at a time, like a “handshake” around the globe.

We hope you will be tuning into our website regularly to mark our progress as the celebration rolls out. If you are interested to participate, contribute content or sponsor any of these activities, please contact us at

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